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Your First Visit

If you're about to experience your first visit with DeWan Dental Wellness, you can expect a total wellness approach to dental care! We strive to promote not only your health, but your comfort too. That is why we've curated a calm and inviting space embracing earth tones, local art, and plenty of natural light.

Your first routine dentist visit will last about an hour. It will include x-rays and an initial comprehensive exam. During this exam, we listen to your concerns, review your full-mouth x-rays, present you with a video tour of your dentition, chart the existing condition of your teeth, chart areas of concern, measure your gum tissues, screen for cancer, analyze the aesthetics of your smile, evaluate your TMJ (jaw joint) health with Doppler ultrasound technology and chart occlusion (the way your teeth come together). We also determine the type of cleaning you may need by assessing your current oral health and gum tissue. We get a lot done, and it's all worth it!

If your first dentist visit with us is an emergency visit, we will address your primary concern by taking x-rays and getting the problem under control.