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TMJ Disorder Diagnosis and Treatment


Diagnosing occlusal disease starts with a thorough dental exam that includes x-rays of your teeth and jaw. Depending on the results, next steps can include a Doppler study, manual manipulation, and occlusal analysis: taking impressions of your teeth and measurements of your jaw to recreate the way your jaw works. In some cases, these diagnostics may point to the need for an MRI scan, CT scan, and/or consultation with other specialists to find and address the source of your pain.


The goal of effective occlusal disease treatment is stability and predictability. Depending on the diagnosis, treatment options can include the following, alone or in combination;

An Occlusal Guard or Splint: We create a clear plastic guard that you wear over your teeth. This relaxes your chewing muscles, allows us to see the way your jaw functions naturally, and begins to stabilize your bite.

Occlusal Equilibration: Your teeth are adjusted very slightly to provide you with the most balanced and natural bite.

Damaged teeth, fillings or crowns are restored: Depending on your diagnosis and needs, treatment may include consultations and/or treatment with a dental specialist or a physical therapist.

Achieving stable, balanced occlusion in harmony with the temporomandibular joints and associated muscles relieves many people's symptoms. Although occlusal disease is often due to chronic conditions that can't be permanently eliminated, it usually can be controlled to alleviate discomfort and limit further damage. We can help you!

Our Expertise

DeWan Dental Wellness is uniquely qualified to provide you with the most up-to-date, comprehensive, and cost-effective care for occlusal disease. Our dentist, Dr. Mike DeWan, has undergone extensive clinical and theoretical studies of occlusal disease and treatment with the best minds in the field. He continues his studies each year to stay current with changes in technology and research to provide you with the best of care.