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We vow to really hear you. To keep you as comfortable as possible. To go above and beyond and meet your needs with compassion, transparency, and expertise. And to help you achieve solutions geared toward total body wellness with a confident smile.


During your visit with our wellness team, we take time to learn your needs and make sure you understand procedures. Any time you have a question or concern, we are available to answer. If you have a dental emergency, our priority is to get you relief the very same day. At any visit we invite you to relax as much as possible by listening to music on our iPods, watching TV or a movie, or getting cozy with a warm neck-wrap, pillows, or bolsters.

Complete Dental Wellness

The services of DeWan Dental Wellness extend far beyond dental care: oral health is a major indicator of your body's wellness. Periodontal disease is linked to heart disease, and untreated tooth decay can lead to root canals and eventually to tooth loss. Unbalanced occlusion (the way you bite) can lead to tooth fracture and loss, hypersensitivity, and even head and neck pain. We aim for early detection of all of these issues to save you from unnecessary discomfort, and ultimately to save you time and money.

Your Smile

We want you to be happy with your smile and confident in showing it off to the world. Our wellness team can help you enhance your smile with tooth-colored fillings, veneers and crowns as well as both in-office and take-hmoe teeth whitening services. For more complex health needs, we offer dental implants, root canals, and treatments for gum disease and TMJ disorder.

Request an appointment with our friendly, professional team today to experience DeWan Dental Wellness!