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Your regular check-up and cleaning at DeWan Dental Wellness always includes a thorough assessment to identify any dental problems you need to be aware of. We pride ourselves on using the latest technology and minimally invasive methods to obtain maximum information about your dental health. Some of the tools we use during assessment include:

  • Magnification. Our eyes are our most basic diagnostic tool. We wear magnification glasses during your cleaning, exam, and treatment to make sure we see every detail.
  • Laser. Laser technology allows us to detect dental problems such as decay at the earliest possible time—even before we can see it. This means the filling is smaller and your tooth is less compromised.
  • Intraoral camera. This wand-like camera allows you to see what we see in your mouth.
  • Doppler. We listen to your jaw joint with Doppler technology to detect dental problems such as jaw diseases.
  • X-rays. Only one-third of your tooth is above the gumline. X-rays allow us to see the rest so that we can determine the health of your root canal, bone and tooth structure. For most people, we recommend full mouth x-rays every five to ten years and bitewing x-rays (four films taken of just your molars to detect decay and to evaluate bone levels) once a year. We use a digital system, which reduces radiation by one-third and provides almost instant diagnostics.
Mike and Gloria working with a patient