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Payment and Insurance

We strive to give you a fair price on our leading-edge dental services. According to regional fee surveys, your services at DeWan Dental Wellness will cost no more than average for a dental office located in the Midwest.

If you have complex dental service needs, prior to providing treatment, we provide written dental treatment plans that outline your total costs, possible insurance reimbursements and your co-insurance costs. Together we will go over the recommended plan, the amount of time required for each appointment and the costs of each phase.

We offer a variety of financing and payment options including CareCredit and Mastercard/Visa.

DeWan Dental Wellness and PPOs

In order to provide the most cost-effective, highest quality service, we are not members of any PPOs. This is an important choice for our team and one we believe results in better care for you. Here's why:

We prefer to have a relationship with you, not your insurance company. Insurance networks sometimes set rules that can get in the way of that relationship. For instance, some network plans require a dentist to place silver fillings in your molars rather than composite resin fillings. But many dentists, including DeWan Dental Wellness, have not placed a silver filling in decades. Resin fillings look great and can be a very conservative treatment for your tooth. We do not want to compromise and care for you with methods we do not truly feel are the best.


When PPO network rules change, you may have to change dentists and the result can be patchwork dental health care: one dentist places a crown, another does a filling, and another extracts a tooth. Each dentist is certainly qualified; but your mouth is a system and its parts need to operate in harmony.


Another issue is how well your dentist knows you. It might not really matter that your dentist knows your kids' names or the age of your dog. But this familiarity can create more comfort, and the better the dentist knows you, the better care he or she can provide.