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Pediatric Dentistry

DeWan Dental Wellness is a welcoming place for kids. From our always-stocked prize box to our chair-side televisions for longer appointments, we make your child's visit to the dentist fun!

The American Dental Association recommends that a child's first dentist visit be made when he or she is between two and three years old. As a family dentist, we welcome your child from his or her first check-up through adulthood.

Preparing for Your Child's First Visit

At your child's first visit, our dental services will include:

  • Talking about and letting your child touch all of our instruments
  • Taking a photo that you can keep
  • Counting their teeth
  • Cleaning their teeth, if your child is amenable
  • Conducting an exam
  • Giving your child a toothbrush and floss
  • Offering a special end-of-visit prize

To prepare your child for his or her first dentist visit, we recommend keeping the conversation low key. Many parents simply say, "The dentist is going to count your teeth today." When you arrive, we like to bring your child to the clinic area by himself or herself, if possible, so they can develop a trusting relationship with us. Most parents are pleasantly surprised at how well their children welcome our care!

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