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Preventative Care and Oral Hygiene

Daily cleaning between your teeth and brushing twice a day are the first steps in keeping your teeth healthy and avoiding future dental problems. In addition to proper daily dental care, research shows that a regular six-month visit to your dentist is the best defense against dental disease. At our East Side Milwaukee dentist office, we take several measures to typically provide thorough preventative care at every visit.

On each of your routine visits, our dental services typically include:

  • Cleaning your teeth to remove plaque and calculus, which, if left untreated, ultimately can lead to tooth loss
  • Teaching you how to care for your teeth as your dental health changes
  • Detecting small amounts of decay so you can avoid larger fillings
  • Measuring your gum tissue to note and treat any changes
  • Taking x-rays to check for decay and bone loss
  • Screening for oral cancers
  • Taking your blood pressure
  • Evaluating your jaw joint
  • Applying sealants and fluoride treatments as needed