Dewan Dental Wellness: Care for Your Healthy Smile


“We could not have asked for a more thoughtful, kind and professional response to Matthew's situation. Your kindness and that of your wonderful staff was exactly what he needed following his ordeal. It showed him that there are a lot of very good people in the world and that he should not lose hope. Thank you very much.”

Joe & Linda

“I have been a patient for 20 years . . . Dr. Michael and his team were able to make my jaw functional again. They really are guardian angels who look out for you.”


“I am tremendously grateful for the excellent dental services I have received from you. It was a totally positive experience, and having this restorative work received is life-enhancing for me.”


“Finding a good dentist is vital to one's good health—finding an excellent dentist with caring staff, family-friendly atmosphere, and cutting-edge dental equipment and methods of patient care is priceless. For that, thank YOU!”