For Physicians

Guide to Occlusal Disease

Occlusal disease is the non-harmonious interrelationship of the TMJs, the associated muscles and the occluding surfaces of the teeth caused by:

  • An unbalanced bite
  • Premature tooth wear from bruxism

Here are some signs you might see:

Chipped and/or broken anterior teeth

Chipped and/or broken anterior teeth.

Flat canine teeth and receding gingiva

Flat canine teeth and receding gingiva which
sometimes reveal small divots at the gingival margins.

Shrinking smile

Smile is “shrinking.”

Broken molars

Broken molars.

Overall tooth sensitivity or pain

Overall tooth sensitivity or pain.

Here are some signs that are not as visible:

Displacement of the TMJ disk

Displacement of the TMJ disk related to ligament and muscle distortion.

Muscle pain

Muscle pain from maladaptation.

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