Urban Ecology Center 
Candlelight Walk

Mike and Ellen greet visitors to the Urban Ecology Center's Candlelight Walk, a special event to celebrate one of the longest nights of the year.


Spotted this resident-made watercolor yesterday when we were visiting the wonderful people at our Milwaukee Catholic Home dental clinic.

Coffee Table

We have been looking for a coffee table since we opened this new office almost six years ago. Amy spotted it at Antiques on Second when she and I were on a recent scouting mission. Such a bargain, too! Now we'll get a piece of glass cut for the top and you'll have a place for your reading material!

Winter Solstice

Warmth at the Urban Ecology Center's Winter Solstice celebration.

Winter Solstice Candlelight Walk

Welcome to the Urban Ecology Center's Winter Solstice celebration!

Holiday Lights

Reflections of our holiday lights.

Paris on our minds

Early morning on Farwell Avenue. Paris on our minds.

Fall Leaf

A leaf print at our front door. Sweet nature.

4th of July

On our summer break, Mike mostly works on the Lake Park 4th of July celebration. Here is he is with Alderman Nik Kovac and Milwaukee County Supervisor Gerry Broderick.!


A little girl brought this in for Mike today. A fan with heart!

Patio Pops

The season's final Milwaukee Catholic Home's Patio Pops concert. What a great community!

Continuing Education

We had a wonderful day learning about how to plan dental treatment for aging smiles. Your upper lip thins as you age and your nose actually grows longer! And that really can affect dentistry. We also learned new protocol for children's dental care and discussed ways to make your experience with us even better!.


Try Spry! It's a xylitol chewing gum that tastes great and may reduce the risk of tooth decay. We've caught Tara (our dental hygienist) stuffing her pockets with them! Available at Whole Foods and Outpost. We have samples at our office for the asking!

Health Fair

Amy and Tara talked "tooth" at the Milwaukee Catholic Home health fair.

Timo Painting

We have a baby toe in the White House. Well, maybe a fingernail. The Obama family reportedly purchased a painting from local artist, Timo, and we have one of his paintings in our office, too. Here it is!

Winter Solstice

We sponsored the Winter Solstice celebration at the Urban Ecology Center in 2012. It was magical!

Mike and Timmo

Timmo Strassburger, a future dentist from Germany, visited us in 2012.

Massage day

Massage day after our 2012 winter holiday! Liz Roubik from Studio D'Angeli serves up some wonderful relaxation.

Lunch meeting

Our monthly lunch meeting. Lunch from Koppa's!

Glass dish

A new glass dish held by Mike found at a local antique store. We just couldn't pass it up.

Florida meeting

In 2013, Mike attended many hours of continuing education mostly regarding jaw health issues and dental implants. Here he is at a Florida meeting. He loves the learning!

Continuing education seminar

Mike is conducting our annual all day continuing education seminar. Tara, Mike and Arielle are pictured.

Patio Pops

We sponsored the 2012 Patio Pops at the Milwaukee Catholic Home -- music under the stars on the east side.

Chilll on the Hill

We sponsored Chill on the Hill in Bayview, a neighborhood weekly music concert.

East Side Green Market

A slice of life from the East Side Green Market on North Avenue. We sponsor weekly musical entertainment.

Student art

When one space was still open on our first floor, we hosted a MIAD student art exhibition in 2012. Such a great group of students!

Packer party

When the Packers were in their 2012 autumn slump, we had a Packer Party to turn around their negative energy. And it worked! They started winning!

Elevator art

New elevator artwork for 2012. And we wallpapered the walls!

East Side Pilates

Our new first floor neighbor's sign on the truck before it is installed. We are so glad to have them and our other neighbor, Little Monsters, a children's boutique and toy store.